Dive Thursday #200

Dive Thursday #200
Thursday, June 9, 2011
9:00pm - 21+
34 Green Street
Worcester, MA, USA 01604
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The Dive Bar Thursday Music Series celebrates its 200th Thursday. 199 Thursdays ago Alec Lopez and I thought it would be a good idea to bring music in to The Dive Bar for the first time. The idea was, and still is to bring musicians in each week to mix it up and make some music. It's not a jam but it isn't a regular band either. Being able to make music with people outside of everyones 'normal' bands has truly been a joy and a honor.

This week I can't tell you exactly what is going on yet but I promise that we will have some fun. Weather permitting we will be outside playing in the beer garden.

I hope to see you there!



Below is the list of the 50+ musicians who have performed with me at a Dive Bar Thursday over the past 199 Thursdays. My thanks go out to all of you!

Hugh Allen
Keri Anderson
Ed Barnett
Helen Beaumont
Jabe Beyer
Paul Buono
Jeff Burch
Paul Chase
Dana Colley
Bill Connor
John Cooke
Jeremy Curtis
John Donahoe
John Donovan
Anne Eggleston
Jeff Galindo
Troy Gonyea
Dmitry Gorodetsky
Dino Govoni
Tim Gruntman
Jim Heffernan
Mike Herzog
Jonas Kahn
Brian Kearsley
Tim Kelly
Roger Lavallee
Steve Lefebvre
Pete Levesque
Sean Locke
Aaron Martin
Eugene Maslov
Brooks Milgate
Ron Mominee
Shana Morrison
Steve Mossberg
Charlie O'Neal
Rick O'Neal
David Picchi
Mike Press
Craig Rawding
Scott Ricciuti
Jimmy Ryan
DJ Shame
Timo Shanko
Jon Short
Zack Slik
Michael Thibodeau
Brian Thomas
Chuck Vath
Al Vaudreuil
John Vaughn
Nate Wilson
Ed Wylie

Apologies to anyone I missed in this list, send me a message if I missed you!


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