The Dive Bar Thursday Music Series 2007-2013

The Dive Bar Thursday Music Series 2007-2013
Thursday, May 2, 2013
9:00pm - 21+
34 Green Street
Worcester, MA, USA 01604
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This Thursday will be the last in the Dive Bar Thursday Music Series. I started the series in July 2007 with encouragement from Alec Lopez to bring music to the Dive, which had never had live music before. I promised that if I could not put together the best group of musicians I could find that I wouldn't play. 6 years later, over 80 guest musicians and over 300 Thursdays in a row, the series is coming to an end on a high note!

To wrap up the series I am bringing a group of musicians that have become a band directly as a result of this Thursday series. The band is called The Curtis Mayflower and features Craig Rawding on vocals, Brooks Milgate on keys, Jeremy Curtis on bass, Pete Aleksi on guitar and I'll be on drums. There will be some guests sitting in throughout the night so get there early and stay there late. It's a great punctuation mark on the series and I hope that you can come out and enjoy some live music.

I'd like to thank Alec Lopez and Michael Porter especially. They have been there throughout the series and have not just supported it but created the space and atmosphere for it to thrive. I want to also thank all of the staff at The Dive past and present. You have all been tremendous!

Stay tuned for more special events from The Dive that will feature music, movies, food and much more. The Dive has a spectacular summer planned out in the beer garden. The end of the Thursday series is the beginning of lots of great new Dive Bar events.

Please visit for information on what I am doing musically with many of the people you've seen at The Dive over the years.

I appreciate all of your support.

Thank you!!!!!!

Love, Duncan Arsenault

A collection of posters from the series:

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