Massachusetts Brewers Month

We have an amazing amount of creative and talented brewers here in beautiful Massachusetts… so I’ve decide to celebrate them at The Dive Bar all month.

For the entire month of August all of our taps will be dedicated to the best beers that Massachusetts has to offer!

Come enjoy some fantastic local brews from….

Cambridge Brewing Co
High & Mighty Beer
The Haverhill Brewery
Berkshire Brewing Co
Pioneer Brewing
Cisco Brewers
Element Brewing Co
Clown Shoes Brewing
Mayflower Brewing Co
Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project
…and more!


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    The Dive Bar gets Left Handed!

    Thursday June 17, 2010, join us in welcoming Chris Lennert of Left Hand Brewing Company (Longmont Colorado) to The Dive Bar for a night of celebrating great beer and great music!

    We will be tapping 10 Left Hand Beers for this occasion. Eric will be giving out Left Hand swag and from the stage Duncan,Brooks, Paul and Brian will Funk you like you’ve never been Funked before!

    Starts at 7pm and goes all night long, no cover!
    Hope to see you there!




    400lb Monkey
    An English I.P.A. 6%

    Polestar Pilsner
    A German Pilsner 5%

    Black Jack Porter
    An English Porter 6.4%

    Haystack Wheat
    A German Hefeweizen 5%

    Milk Stout (nitro)
    A Milk Stout/Sweet Stout 5.2%

    Imperial Stout
    A Russian Imperial Stout 10.4%

    Oak Aged Widdershins
    An Oak Aged American Barleywine 10%

    Oak-aged Imperial Stout
    An Oak Aged Russian Imperial Stout 10.4%

    Fade-to-Black Export Stout
    A Foreign/Export Stout 8.5%

    A Winter Warmer (no longer brewed…last chance) 8.6%

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      Organ trio keeps it cool at the Dive Bar

      All music has connotations, and nothing evokes “cool” like an organ trio. Comprised of drums, guitar and a Hammond B-3 organ, the musicians have room to experiment and move around, filling in gaps when an instrument breaks into a lengthy solo. But no matter what instrument has taken the spotlight for the moment, it all comes back to the organ.

      “The first time I heard [the organ] and discovered the organ trios I fell in love with it,” says Bill Connor, a local organ servicer and drummer for the Dive Bar’s new organ trio in residence on Wednesday nights.

      The Hammond B-3 is not your regular keyboard. Connor explains that when playing the B3, the performer is really controlling four parts at once: keys, pedals, buttons and drawbars that pull out of the organ’s body, shifting the timbre of each note.

      “It’s a monster, but it can be anything. It depends how you control it,” Connor says.

      Organist Eli Winderman was attracted to the B-3 for the same reason. “It’s a great feeling. You’re in control.”

      He brings up the draw bars. “You mix and match different sounds. There are endless possibilities with these. When you’re listening to an organ you wonder, ‘What draw bars are out right now?’”

      Connor and Winderman first met outside a club and talked about their interest in playing the organ. Soon after, Winderman, who lives in Boston, is a Berkley grad and plays organ in his own Boston-based band Dopapod, was working with Connor in his Worcester shop. The two of them decided to start playing music together, inviting Johnny Trama to add guitar, and moved a Hammond B-3 that Connor built into the Dive’s collection of instruments and amps.

      “I donated it, but it’s technically for sale. But I don’t think it’s something someone will snatch up. If they do I told Alec [Lopez, Dive Bar’s owner] I’ll bring in another one,” Connor says.

      The location was clear from the beginning. “This last year it seems like more and more of our music has been based around the organ — a lot of funk and jazz,” says Lopez, “Eli is the happiest man in the world right now, since he usually has to lug that stuff from Boston.

      “The Hammond has kind of opened that door for us to do something special,” he continues. “Dive has evolved in the past year. This next year will legitimize the Dive as a music venue for world-class musicians.”

      Connor also cites the Dive Thursday music series as inspiration for leaving his organ there. “It’s a cool place because you go there and you know you’re going to see something good. He [Lopez] doesn’t have music just to have music.”

      Notes Lopez: “My philosophy with music is the same as it was at the beginning: it has to be exceptional. If it’s not good it doesn’t have to be there.”

      When asked how long the trio’s residency will last, Winderman gives a fitting answer for an organist — open-ended and laid back. “It’s gonna go until it ends,” he says with a laugh.

      Bill Connor, Eli Winderman and Johnny Trama perform every Wednesday night at the Dive Bar, 34 Green St., no cover charge. Also, Winderman’s Dopapod opens for Uncle Billy’s Smokehouse at Tammany Hall on Friday, Dec. 11. For more info go to


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        Shana Morrison’s Dive Bar crawl

        By Jeremy Shulkin

        There are plenty of reasons why you should
        recognize Shana Morrison. She has released three solo albums since 1999, made numerous appearances at major music festivals, and oh, you may have caught her on tour with her father, Van Morrison.

        She doesn’t make it easy for the casual listener: each of her albums has explored different genres, touching classic rock, blues, pop and jazz. Currently, she’s working on a fourth album, which she describes as “a little more Americana.”

        Morrison traces back her musical exploration to her youth. “My grandparents had a record shop when I was growing up,” she says. “I’d work there on the weekends and I’d get paid with albums, so I ended up having quite a big record collection. I think the diversity of the music I write kind of comes from what I was exposed to at a young age.”

        Even seeing her live, which Worcester will be able to do on Thursday, May 28, at the Dive Bar, offers no guarantee that she’ll sound like she did before. It seems that Morrison has a different band in each part of the country. Out here on the East Coast she has become very familiar with local musicians Roger Lavallee, Ron Mominee and Duncan Arsenault of the Curtain Society, and Huck’s Scott Riccuiti.

        “We had done a few shows backing up Jim Carroll when he came to this area,” said Lavallee on how the group formed, “and I believe he and Shana share an agent. When she was looking for a band to back her up on the East Coast, he thought to call us.

        “I’m not sure what would have made it seem that a band capable of backing up more of a art/punk rock icon would be the right band for a more soulful artist like Shana, but it actually is a great fit.”

        Morrison agrees. “I kind of just met them through two degrees of separation and went out there and rehearsed a little bit with them and played some shows with them and we just had so much fun. It was like a mutual love fest. We had such a good time that now whenever I go out there we play.”

        The variations that come with using multiple bands keep Morrison energized. “It’s nice for me to have a little bit of a different take on the songs because it kind of breathes a little bit of new life into it for me. It’s more exciting than just ‘let’s all play it exactly like the record.’”

        Despite Morrison’s experience at major festivals and large music halls, both she and Lavallee know the Dive Bar’s atmosphere will only add to the show. “Because [the Dive Bar]’s so small, you feel that there’s no barrier between the musicians and the audience,” says Lavallee. “Shana’s style is going to fit right in there. The energy level will tear the roof off the place.”

        “Every place has got a different vibe,” Morrison said. “Sometimes it’s great to play at a big place, but you know, it also can be really cool to play at a smaller place. From what Duncan says, the Dive is a great, great, atmosphere, so I’m looking forward to it.”

        Shana Morrison will perform at the Dive Bar at 9 p.m. on Thursday, May 28. There’s no cover, and a lot of the best beer in the world. You can also catch her May 29 at the Hi Hat in Providence, and Saturday, May 30, at Point Breeze in Webster. Learn more at



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          420 Party at The Dive Bar

          Tonight is the 5th annual 420 Party at The Dive Bar! Come get “Hazed” with us and Marvin Simpson of Boulder Beer! Duncan is anchoring the band for tonights festivities and I will be feeding you in our usual style! Hope to see you there!


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