Amazing Music…. Again!

With regular appearances by some of the best talent in New England, The Dive has become the best underground music venue in the city!

Tonight (3/12) we have Troy Gonyea, Jeremy Moses Curtis and Duncan Arsenault laying down some nasty blues! This is the most talented trio you will see anywhere outside of a 10,000 seat arena! And you will see them for free! Troy (formerly of The Fabulous Thunderbirds) is about to embark on a tour with a national act, Jeremy has just finished a CD @ Levon Helmes’ joint with his band Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck and Duncan of Curtain Society fame currently plays for both Shana Morrison and The Howl!

Did I mention NO COVER?! If you miss this you will certainly regret it!

And as if that weren’t enough, tomorrow night (3/13) we have The Phoenix Best Of Boston winners The Cassavettes! This young energetic rock band loves playing The Dive so much that they keep asking to come back. These guys normally play venues 5 times the size for 5 times the money! They love the vibe @ our joint and can’t get enough! This show is also for free! Thats right NO COVER!! Come watch these guys rip the roof of the place!!

Both shows @ 9:30

Killer Taps

No Cover

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    BBC Coffehouse Porter and Jazz

    Brooks Milgate and Duncan Arsenault are bringing down some funky soul jazz tonight. Plan on having a few great beers and chill out for a while.

    Music starts at 9

    No Cover Charge

    Bartenders you dream about

    BBC Coffehouse Porter on Cask!

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      Hidden Jewel Makes a Splash

      By Norman Miller/Daily News staff

      Usually, if I really want to go to a top-flight beer bar, Boston is the place to be.

      With plentiful selections of craft beers on tap and in bottles, it seems like there’s a good bar on almost every block.

      But, I don’t always like driving to Boston. I don’t like dealing with parking, traffic and people.

      Luckily, there is an option in Massachusetts’ second biggest city. The Dive Bar in Worcester offers more than enough good brews to make any beer lover happy.

      Tucked in a corner at the intersection of Green and Temple streets, the Dive has 16 beers on tap and another 80 to 100 bottles available.

      “I’ve always been a beer nut,” said owner Alec Lopez. “I’m in it because it’s where my passion lies. Money’s secondary for me. I don’t keep something on tap because it sells well. It’s nice to not have it be about money.”

      The Dive Bar opened in 1995, and Lopez worked there as a bartender for about five years.

      The bar was much different then, Lopez said. It served the college crowd, with a lot of young people coming in, drinking heavily and then leaving.

      In 2003, Stuff magazine named the Dive Bar one of the top dive bars in the country, and the magazine remains on the wall to commemorate the achievement.

      About four years ago, Lopez bought out one of the owners and started working on turning the small bar into a destination for drinkers of better beer, a daunting task in a city known more for the type of bar the Dive used to be. read more »

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        WorcesterLove Decision Special – Mayoral Debate

        It’s a Decision Special from Green Street in Worceser–the first ever Dive Bar Debate! These are the actual candidates for mayor–William Coleman III, Mayor Konstantina B. Lukes, Councilor-at-Large Gary Rosen and District 5 City Councilor Frederick C. Rushton.

        The debate was co-moderated by Brendan Melican of, technology journalist Chris Kanaracus, Worcester Magazine’s senior reporter Scott Zoback, and’s Andrea Ajemian. It was videotaped by Kaz Gamble of Worcester Love with help from Michael Benedetti of WCCA.

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